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If you need to hire a trucking company to carry your goods from point A to B in Springfield and the surrounding area, EJQ Express Inc. has you covered. With years of experience in the business and an unwavering commitment to customer service, our team is proud to have become one of the most trusted trucking companies around. We will take a customized approach and guarantee your satisfaction.

Reach our expert team at (708) 333-1200 to discuss the trucking services you require and for an accurate quote.

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A Trucking Company that Prioritizes the Safety of Your Goods

When we're out on the road with a loaded truck, we don't just have our vehicle and drivers to think about, we have your inventory too – and we need to keep it safe. Following the rules of the road and driving in a cautious yet decisive manner will allow us to get your products to their destination on time without sacrificing their well-being.

If you are especially concerned about fragile or perishable items, please be sure to let our experts know. We'll do everything we can to mitigate accidents.

Discover a Wide Range of Trucking Services

Over the years, our business has grown, and today, we are proud to offer our clients a wide range of services, including:

  • Overweight trucking
  • Hotshot trucking
  • Intermodal trucking
  • Farm and live animal transport
  • Liquid transportation
  • Lumber trucking
  • Specialty trucking
  • Transportation logistics

If you require a trucking service not listed here, don't hesitate to inquire about it. We're confident we can meet your unique needs.

Prompt, Reliable Trucking Services

In the same way that our team is responsible for the well-being of your goods on the open road, we are also in charge of ensuring they reach their destination on time. Our team has worked with countless unique clients, and we know that time is always of the essence, and we'll work hard to ensure that your products stay moving on schedule. We will keep our eye on traffic, choose the most efficient routes and avoid delays.

When you trust EJQ Express Inc., you can rely on your products being delivered on time without the hassle!

Experienced Truck Drivers

All the drivers working for our team are highly trained and professionally experienced. They have what it takes to operate large trucks and specialty trailers safely and will take great care of your cargo, be it farm animals, commercial goods, perishable foods, etc.

We always have a direct line of contact with our drivers, so if you have questions about your shipment, where it is, or when you can expect it to arrive, we can provide you with a realistic ETA when you give us a call.

Enjoy Great Rates on Professional Trucking

Our pricing is some of the most competitive in the industry, which allows us to make our services readily available to all kinds of clients. If you'd like to learn just how much your trucking service will cost, we ask you to kindly reach our experts by phone or email.

Professional Truckers at Your Service

Finding a professional and reliable trucking transportation company isn’t always easy. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. For years, the team of highly experienced and certified truckers at EJQ Express Inc. has been delivering unparalleled trucking services in Springfield and the surrounding area.

Whether you are the owner of a manufacturing plant and need to transport products to a retail location, or you need to move your large truck or tractor from point A to B, we are happy to be of service.

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation or get an accurate quote when you dial (708) 333-1200 today!

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Book a No-Obligation Consultation with Our Trucking Company

Trucking services can vary in costs. For-in depth pricing information don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone. We can set you up with an in-person consultation or provide you with a quote over the phone. Let us know what product you need to move, when and where. Once we factor in the distance, the weight of the product, and the number of trucks required, we will be able to provide you with a detailed estimate for both cost and transit time.

Trucking and Logistics Experts

As the demand for trucking services is increasing throughout North America, we have had to adapt our services over time to become better and more efficient every year. We’ve invested time and resources to not only meet the industry standard but surpass it.

No matter how complicated your delivery may be, we are the team to work within Springfield. Your recipients will be impressed with your professionalism as every package you send through us will arrive on time and in perfect condition.

Grow your business with our team. Call us today to tell us about your shipment.

A Highly Skilled Workforce

The success of our services and the satisfaction of our clients depend on having the best team around. Over time, we have refined our team and have become increasingly selective about who can work for us. We hire only the best drivers and ensure they are all highly trained and properly licensed.

When working with us, you will notice that our entire team is dedicated to your needs. Work with a team that understands the value of hard work today. Call (708) 333-1200 now.

A Trucking Company that Works for Clients

Our business does not function without our clients. Therefore, your needs as a client are of the utmost importance to us. This means if you are not happy with your delivery, our business does not grow either! We are invested in your success and show it by going above and beyond with every delivery.

We ensure the smooth delivery of whatever your goods may be by prioritizing two main ideas:

We Listen to Your Needs

With the proper planning and considerations, your delivery will go off without a hitch. Of course, we can help you with short-notice deliveries, but if you have specific needs, we want to hear you out to put together the best delivery plan possible for your needs.

To find out the best delivery route for your merchandise, we will need to consider all the pros and cons of each option, find a route, and organize a pick-up and delivery schedule. All of these things work more efficiently when we keep a close eye on your needs.

We Value Your Time

As the adage goes: time is money. So if your business depends on the swift delivery of goods, we are the trucking team to contact. As a long-standing small business ourselves, we know just how important every minute of your workday is.

Contact our team today for Springfield's most effective and efficient trucking company.

Offering Many Trucking Options

The guaranteed success of your delivery depends on our ability to provide multiple trucking options for the delivery of anything. Our precisely maintained, state-of-the-art fleet of delivery vehicles is curated to support any delivery you can think of. Get in touch with our team if you need the best local trucking company to handle your long or short-distance delivery.

We can help with:

  • Overweight hauling
  • Oversized hauling
  • Intermodal trucking
  • Hotshot trucking
  • Lumber transport
  • Liquid transport
  • Local and regional trucking
  • ...and more

Providing you with this information upfront allows us to ensure your complete satisfaction with our services. At EJQ Express Inc., we think clients deserve to know what to expect from our services. We'll make sure we give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on your shipment needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help or to schedule your first shipment.

Professional, Experienced Truckers at Your Service

Our company is proud to host a team of highly experienced, thoroughly trained, and licensed truckers. Each of our drivers holds a commercial driver’s license, which allows them to operate trucks of all models and sizes.

Our team acts with the utmost integrity and works hard to provide the best customer experience. We know that our clients are the bedrock for our business, and we do everything we can to ensure their satisfaction. Our goal is to ensure that your goods are handled and transported safely and on schedule.

A Full-Service Trucking Company

EJQ Express Inc. has been in business for many years. When you put your trust in our professional team, you can expect:

  • Careful handling of your commercial goods
  • Organization of your products
  • The securing of your product in the truck bed
  • Timely transportation
  • Unloading services
  • Communicative drivers

If you have questions, concerns, or requests, before, during, or after the transportation services are complete, contact our team. We will be happy to provide the information you need to have peace of mind that your product is in the best hands.

State-of-the-Art Trucking Fleet

We boast a full fleet of trucks capable of handling any job you may have for us. We regularly invest in our equipment, upgrading our trucks and chassis so that we can continue to serve our clients better. All our chassis are owned by us, and we maintain rigorous maintenance standards to ensure our vehicles are ready for use. Each of them is kept in excellent working condition, undergoing frequent inspections and servicing.

Thanks to our impressive fleet, we have the capacity to haul all types of cargo, including overweight containers. No matter the size of your shipment, our team is ready to serve you. Take advantage and contact us to request a quote today.

Superior Trucking Transportation on Your Schedule

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of hiring a trucking company is ensuring that your goods are delivered on schedule. Our team has impressive transit times and will go above and beyond to guarantee that your product is delivered safely and in a timely fashion.

We have a reputation as a prompt, safe, and professional trucking company—and we have no intention of losing it. We boast an impeccable track record for on-time service and customer satisfaction, making us the premier choice for businesses in Springfield and beyond. Our clients have come to trust us for all their trucking needs. They've come to appreciate the quality, convenience, and ease of our services. Now, you can too.

Your Intermodal Trucking Specialist

Faster. Safer. Smarter.

We're proud to specialize in intermodal trucking, coordinating with logistics, manufacturers, and other shipment companies to ensure your goods arrive on time and in total security. Whether you need your products shipped in the Chicagoland area or further afield, you can count on us to complete our leg of the journey as expected.

Our intermodal expertise makes it easier, simpler, and faster for you to get your products where they need to be. If you're a business owner on a deadline, our intermodal trucking services are the right choice for you. They make it expedient for you to get your goods from point A to point B, saving you time while ensuring your success. For seamless shipments and stellar service, look to us as your trucker of choice.

A Trusted Team of Experienced Truckers

A trucking company is only as good as its drivers. That's why we only hire the best.

Each of our truckers is an experienced professional with a strong record of success. They are licensed, certified, and fully compliant with DOT safety standards. Each of them also carries a TWIC identity card (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) that prove their professionalism. We invest in our staff, and we make sure they undergo regular training and professional development to stay at the top of the industry. Rest assured: With us, you and your cargo are in safe hands. You're in the hands of the best in the business.

Contact EJQ Express Inc. for Superior Truck Transportation

Over the years, our business is proud to have become one of the most trusted and sought-after trucking companies in Springfield.

We are committed to quality and timely deliveries and ensure that your products are transported safely. We will work hard to avoid any incidents or delays and strive not only to meet but exceed your expectations.

To learn more or to request a quote today, get in touch with us by phone or email.