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Intermodal Trucking in Springfield

Intermodal trucking is not something that just any novice trucking or logistics company can do. It is a difficult thing to master, and EJQ Express Inc. perfected it years ago. If you have a long-distance shipment that requires multiple methods of transport, e.g., truck, train, boat, or plane, we will help your package get there in the most efficient manner possible.

Our excellent services and incredible prices put us a cut above the rest. If you require Springfield's best trucking and logistics team, look no further because you have found them.

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Our Exceptional Transportation Logistics and Trucking Services

We say we are the best in the area because of our high level of experience and our high frequency of returning customers for further services. We consistently get deliveries where they need to be on and before the delivery due date. From beginning to end, we will organize the entire process. From the initial loading of the truck with your shipment to the final signature of the last consignee, you will be able to track your package.

Your package will arrive in pre-packaged condition so that your clients are delighted with your delivery. Allow us to help you impress your clients and be a part of the growth of your business.

EJQ Express Inc. Makes Difficult Shipments Easy with Expert Intermodal Trucking

As your business expands, you might notice that you depend on completing long-distance shipments more frequently. As you ship long-distance more often, you will require a team that can organize effective intermodal trucking. Using different modes of shipping transportation, EJQ Express Inc. will ensure your packages are loaded, transferred, and delivered in specialized shipping containers.

Secure Intermodal Trucking for Long-Distance Shipments

One of the significant anxieties about shipping long-distance is the condition that your products or goods will arrive in. If you are hiring us, you’re hiring Springfield's top freight forwarding services and can rest assured that we deliver your goods in excellent condition.

If your package must travel over 350 miles, intermodal is probably your fastest option. We will ensure your items are packed and contained safely, so immediate contact with your shipment is reduced to a minimum until the right person receives it.

Full-Service Intermodal Trucking Company

Your package might need to use trains, plains, and automobiles to get where it is going – our team ensures that the process happens smoothly. We are committed to getting your package to the correct location on time, and our services include:

  • Logistics services
  • Route planning
  • Safe loading and unloading
  • Detailed safety records
  • Full-time customer support.

The most highly dependable, economic intermodal trucking company in Springfield- don't hesitate to contact EJQ Express Inc.. We'll be glad to assist you.

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EJQ Express Inc. will be at your service for your intermodal and long-distance shipping needs whenever you need them.

When you call, one of our friendly representatives will answer the phone and take care of your request. We will provide you a quote and inform you of the steps you need to take to start your shipment correctly.

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